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Renovation or Building a New House: Ernest Story

Ernest is a 61 year young who lives with his wife in a spacious house, but at the moment they come to our story, it has long begun to show signs of ageing. Little by little, problems kept getting bigger, and the house needed a major repair.┬áThe question was, how to decide between renovation and…
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Wallpapers are Back in a Big Wave

Wallpapers are back, can you believe it?  Do you remember houses in the '60s and '70s with patterned wallpaper that could make you feel dizzy at a glance? Some were flashy and colorful, and some were discreet. And then they went to history. Who would have thought that only half a century later, they would…
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When Should a Contractor Join to Start a Renovation Task?

This is the continuation of last week's conversation about "Where to Start a Renovation" A contractor's job is to materialize the architect's design. Larger projects may employ one general contractor and several subcontractors for specialized tasks. When you hire a contractor at this stage, his/her job will include removing and installing walls, light fixtures, staircases,…
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Where to Start a Renovation: With a Contractor or a Designer?

"Remember that free advice, no matter from whom it is received, will bear the closest of examination before it is acted upon as safe. And, generally speaking, this sort of advice is worth exactly what it costs." -Napoleon Hill  If you only knew how many times I have heard from my clients that they asked…
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