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    1- want to build a Passive House?

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    3- Looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for your home?

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    For better visualization, we offer 3D rendering, Virtual reality, and Walkthrough in all of our projects!

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    We are Vancouver’s premium Home Design firm helping our highly motivated clients to achieve their goal of building their ultimate dream home that provides the pride and joy of accomplishment. We use a meaningful design system that combines functionality, technology, ancient wisdom and psychology to create physical and mental comfort for them yet to be inspired for the future they are building for themselves and their family.
    Our core value is sustainability and implementing nature into our design to a meaningful urban organic architecture.
    We welcome clients who are excited to build their extravagant homes and challenge us for a ride to create a masterpiece together.


    What Our Customers Say

    “Please be aware that any referral that turns into a completed deal will lead to the remuneration of the referrer in the form of a commission.”

    Passive house vs built green ….

    Building industry is trying to regulate itself to create more environmental friendly construction practices.
    That’s why we see many organization with different names pop up within last decades. Like: R2000, LEED, built Green which mostly established in North America and now importing Passive house from Europe.
    Basically all of them talking about the same thing with different accent, if you know what I mean.
    With most recent VANCOUVER building code, most of the new houses meet a high rank of any of the above mentioned standards.
    On the other words, any new homes are built in most municipalities in Vancouver should meet any of the green initiatives set by fancy standard named by different organization.
    Each of the above mentioned organizations provide you with a certificate showing in which extend your house is built and perform with Eco-friendly standards.