Aryo Falakrou MyHomedesigner

Aryo Falakrou

Arch Tech AIBC

Aryo is the founder of My Home Designer (MHD), which is Vancouver’s modern architectural boutique design company. Having considerable invaluable experience, Aryo supervises architectural and interior design services for noteworthy homes, retails and offices. The results of his thinking-out-of-the-box philosophy please the eyes of office and house owners.


Aryo’s many designs and home building projects have allowed him to find his own personal design style. He describes his design style: “My goal is to build strong relationships with my clients so I can provide a personalized design for your dream home. I don’t want to design any house, I design “The House” that reflect your personality and your family signature, all you have to bring is your personality to make it HOME”

Aryo Falakrou MyHomedesigner

Aryo Falakrou MyHomedesigner


Aryo prefers an open and contemporary design concept with special attention to home or building entryways. In addition, easy access is a hallmark of Aryo’s home builds. He believes that the kitchen is the heart of most homes and he favours a central location so that this room is easily accessed from the majority of the home. He believes: ” My outside the box thinking skills helps me to serve my clients to maximize their living space with the most dynamic and creative ideas. By improving your living space you can improve your lifestyle. By rejuvenating your living space you’ll bring new life to your old house which results in a better lifestyle for you and your family.”


Everything looks better in natural light and so wherever possible Aryo loves to bring the natural light of outdoors to illuminate the indoor. At night, he uses well-placed artificial light to create a natural night ambiance.


Aryo likes to balance both beauty and functionality to create desirable and comfortable living spaces for any client. It is all about comfortable, accessible living spaces that work well through the years for our clients.


Bring on the challenges. No matter whether they are physical site problems, landscape issues or city bylaw regulations – Aryo’s “out-of-the-box thinking” works to solve even the most personal and complex project problems.
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