I have studied Architecture and worked as designer and project manager for 30 years. As associate member of Architectural Institute of BC , Applied Science & Technology of BC, and Home Protection office I have to update my training every year to make sure I'm on top of latest construction techniques.

I'm certified BuiltGreen and Passive House designer. I've designed several homes for my clients in Vancouver, some which were developers and many others home owners.

I've worked on many new home or renovation construction as well as part of an Architectural team on multi-family low-rise and high rise buildings as well as many institutional buildings.

I found my design style over the years and my passion is to
follow my dreams and make sure my clients live in the comfort of their homes.

My Design Style:

Open concept, with special attention to entry & foyer.
Kitchen usually positioned in the center where it can serve to majority of the house.
I value social life style and kitchen plays a main role. If the space allows, I like to have a separation
between family area and the living room to serve not very familiar guests.
A family room serves family gathering for gaming or watching TV.

Transparency and Light:

I love lots of natural lights and of course to be able to decorate with artificial lighting for night ambiance.

Functionality or beauty?
I’m not a graphic designer nor a structural engineer, I like to be able to balance both beauty and functionality to create a desirable space for my client.
Physical, landscape and city bylaw challenges? Bring it on! At the end of the day, I love to be able to meet my client’s expectations after facing all those challenges. I’m not afraid of using the most up to date techniques and technologies in my designs.

What I don’t like is to have too many hallways & chambers. Ease of access is my priority.

Additional Info