Services overview

We provide design consultation and building permit process for your new Home, Laneway home or renovation project.

For commercial projects, we provide tenant improvement drawings for Restaurants, barber shops, hair styles, spas, fast food locations, daycare and offices. For residential project we offer architectural drawing and home designs for new homes or renovations. A new home with desire style like modern, contemporary, west coast, craftsman or post modern. It should fit your personality and needs. For renovation projects, I like to open the spaces up and create a social friendly environment with an update features which make your dated house looks cozy again.

About your Home

About your lot

  • Garage extension
  • Carport addition
  • Deck installation
  • Subdivision
  • Rezoning

Main Services

  • Building Permit drawings for custom homes
  • Building permit drawings for renovation
  • City follow-ups for permit application
  • Rezoning and subdivisions
  • Renovation consultation
  • Addition in second floor or Basement
  • Commercial design
  • Restaurant design
  • Office tenant improvement
  • Shop tenant improvement
  • construction consultation
  • Construction management
  • Builder's assistance program
  • Laneway house

Top features

coquitlam architect

coquitlam architect

Design Progress: Understanding the client's needs, the building potential and the budget.

We believe on quality of life, and for us this can not be achieved without creating a good and solid relationship with our clients and crews. We create a bridge between our clients and their dream homes. Trusting our creativity to help you to reach your ultimate goal in your living and working space is the least we expect from you. We believe on our services and we know we can meet your needs. We are Vancouver's Architectural designer for single family homes for new or renovations projects.

Other services

Architectural Style that fits your personality

Your Home should reflect your personality and who you are. If you like to socialize with your friends, your home should accommodate your needs, or if you like a quiet and cozy corner, let's make it happens.

On time and on schedule

Our best effort is to meet your timeline. We know how long does it take to get a respond from the municipalities and your time is valuable. We believe a well prepared set of drawings will take your permit process a whole lot faster than one from ....


Passive House member

We are member of Passive House Canada and design with their standards in mind.  

Built-green member

We are member of Built Green Canada and we know it's important for our life as well as next generations' to build a home that minimizes human effects in our environment. 



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