Age-Friendly Home: More Renovation Tips

In the previous article, we have covered the topic of age-friendly home remodeling, and the ways proper adaptations can enable safe and comfortable aging-in-place. Here we will highlight some details that require special attention. Age-Friendly Home Bathroom: Walk-in Bathtub or Walk-in Shower? A walk-in bathtub is a favorite among some seniors who experience fatigue often…
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Is your multifamily building safe and COVID-19 Proof?

After the epidemic, health officials implemented many rules and regulations in public spaces. But we also have our private life to think about. Is your townhome, condo, apartment building, or multifamily building safe enough? The units where we should feel snug and secure can become more dangerous than the outside world. For instance, most of…
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Building Technology and Safety: What COVID-19 Brings on the Table

The Good News The construction and building technology have both improved and evolved over the years to help us encounter difficulties with building safety we faced over the years. Fire, water damage, collapse, and earthquake issues all led us to develop more advanced building codes for building designers, electrical, mechanical, structural practice as well as…
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