Dealing with Cold weather

Dealing with Cold weather could be difficult for us in west coast.

It's cold out there these days which effects everybody's life and work performance. Our homes that shelter us are taking the worst of it. It might not be a bad idea to inspect around the windows once in while to see if there is any ice-jam in any corners set. If there is, it's a sign of draft trying to release from inside causing frost at the exist point. It's suggested to cover the windows with a plastic wrap for time being to avoid the ice jam which can result a more expensive damage to your house.

Since we don't have much of a cold winters so often in west coast, our homes are not as well prepared as other part of Canada. On the other hand, the cold weather in west coast is wet cold vs as dry cold in other parts.

This could be more damaging to integrity of wood structure as the moisture inside the wall cavity will frost and effect the property of wood structure. So, it's a wise idea to ask a home inspector to inspect your house in these conditions to avoid further damage.

Conventionally, people hire a home inspector when they buy a home, but you can hire them as low as $350 to give you a piece of mind that your home is performing it's best and won't leave a huge bill coming summer.

Be Safe and enjoy the white stuff!

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