Aging in Place: Prepare your home for Adult Life

A guide on how to upgrade your home to aging in place or when you want to live independently in your golden age!

We love to live in our comfort zone. It’s hard to accept the changes that come with age. When mobility becomes an issue, the body doesn’t respond the way it used to. As a home designer, my goal is to extend your middle-age — design around your lifestyle to encourage freedom and happiness.

Making your home, your friend

A joyous life starts in the home. The same way we save money for our retirement, we should also prepare our homes to enjoy our golden years in fullest. Perhaps you want to live there forever, and that’s quite possible. Change is inevitable and necessary; while reaching for stability, remember that our residences don’t have to be static. There’s more to life than waking up, eating, and going to bed. Getting into motion keeps you in motion, so you can enjoy the activities that bring you fulfillment. Energy flowing through space sets up an equally invigorating dynamic of energy flowing within you.

Perhaps the home you love so much is not friendly to your age anymore, though. The sooner you realize it, the sooner you can make the proper upgrades — because when you get into your 70s, your house can feel like your enemy. Then you could be left without confidence, emotionally drained, your loved ones worried, and feeling powerless. So the sooner you conquer this fear, the sooner you can take action. The good news is: You don’t have to move.

Aging in Place: Prepare For the Changes Ahead

Peace of mind is possible through preparation. While some supplements can delay or reduce the chances of injuries, the best way of preventing them is to make sure the environment around us is as safe as possible. Handles and other details to your appliances can take the weight off.

When we get older our immune system weakens, too, which lends itself to both physical issues and depression. Partial to total loss of hearing or eyesight make everyday tasks much harder, or impossible without assistance or supervision. Through design, you can mentally prepare for your body changing.

Think of it as second adolescence. For teenagers, hormones act fast. When you’re a teenager, it’s new, you don’t know how to deal with it. In the latter years, hormone changes have a dramatic effect on the body, too. They affect relationships with your partner, friends, family, and community. However, this time you are equipped with life experience.

You can seek the resources needed to wield power over your emotions. You’ll be able to deal with it a lot better if you arm yourself with the right knowledge and the right people to help you. As a home designer, I’ve learned a lot from nurses and doctors specializing in hormone therapy and who help patients with dementia. I’ve learned a lot from these healthcare professionals. My place is to extend healthy livelihood so you don’t need this assistance until later years, or perhaps ever. Aging in place means thriving in a home that thrives with you.

Welcoming solutions to your environment

Your stamina can be enhanced by the environment designed around your lifestyle. The indoor atmosphere is one of the prime influences on mental health. A home designer who specializes in aging
in place can implement solutions: air ventilation, temperature control, energizing and calming colors, natural light, expansive views, and proper access to the front door and the shower. 

Remember, when a young family has a newborn baby, they modify their home to make it baby-proof, so should we. We need to make our home age-friendly so we can live better with more comfortable mobility. All the while, your home can benefit your emotional well-being. 

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