Get Your Foot Off the Brake

Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear had a challenge to drive a Formula 1 race car, which he had never done before. His track was an aircraft runway and he was required to drive at what he thought was a ridiculous speed, with unlimited power and acceleration available.

Clarkson was used to diving his Mercedes CLK 63, which is a high performer by normal standards but when entering a corner, by instinct, he would need to press the brake at a particular point before the corner. Otherwise, he would crash and die.
His instructor told that driving Formula 1 is totally different from driving a street car and requires you to stop thinking about normal driving habits. Instead of hitting the brakes when approaching a corner at the usual time, the Formula 1 car required him to accelerate past the usual brake point.

Jeremy said, “If I do that in the CLK I will die”. His instructor said, “If you don’t accelerate past the brake point approaching the corner in Formula 1 you will also crash and you will probably die.”

My point is your fear makes you pass the brake too early when considering a project.

You can not win a Formula 1 race by slowing down every time you get scared. Take good experienced advice so you can stop reaching for the brake and accelerate past the brake point.

Aryo Falakrou (Arch Tech AIBC, ASTTBC)

President Ltd.

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