What are the services of Home design company

I’m surprised to know many of people who I encounter with in our profession don’t know what are the services of a home design company.

A home designer (architect) helps home owners or contractors at the initial stages of a house renovation or new house construction.

Or if a home owner has a lot that can be subdivided, we can help as well. Tenant improvement applications for an existing restaurant, retail, office or daycare are other examples of work we offer.

The following is the breakdown of services:


We offer design, blueprint and architectural drawings for the following:

Deck Addition
Garage-Carport construction
Secondary Suite
Minor Interior Renovation
Interior Renovation with Exterior changes
Interior renovation for Larger homes (3800 sq.ft.+)
Addition to existing house
Major Addition to existing house

New Home design

Laneway House
House Design up to 3000 sq.ft.
House Design up to 5000 sq.ft.
House Design more than 5000 sq.ft.

Tenant Improvements

Retails, Warehouses, Offices

Subdivisions & Rezoning

Double lot subdivision
Board of Variance


We help our clients by hiring the required engineers during the permitting process.
Survey Engineer
Structure engineer
Geo Tech Engineer
Energy Advisier

Permit followup

Permit Follow-up for construction permit, development permit, tenant improvement permit, board of variance or subdivisions

Interior Detailed Design

Interior Detailed Design for hotels, restaurants, luxury homes

Project Management

Project Management for larger project which needs overseeing the projects


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Daycare designer

Sales Professional Building Industry Needed

Sales Professional Building Industry Needed:

Seeking sales professionals to approach Construction company owners, real estate agents or home owners and sell them our design (blueprint) services

We offer competitive commission structure, Earn $70K if you’re good, and way more if you’re great!

This is a commission based job for a period of 2 months trial and you will get secured monthly income of $3K + commission as soon as you bring three clients per month.


$500 +- Per client (who sign a contract)

About Us

We are a home design company specialized on design and production of blue prints for new homes. Renovation, tenant improvement and subdivisions.

We help contractors and construction companies with their customers who need blueprints and building permit, or home owners who are looking for building new homes, adding a laneway house in their yard, building a garage, adding a secondary suite, or any other renovation that requires building permit.

Responsibilities For Sales Professionals

  • Seek out and visit construction companies in Vancouver, Burnaby, North shore Coquitlam or New Westminster and try to pitch them our services or to book a meeting.
  • Meet with Real estate agents and find out if they are in process of a deal which the house might require a renovation or new development.

Responsibilities For Sales Professionals

  • This is an out side sales opportunity and you don’t have to be at our office except to report us. You will work from your home and visit the potential clients. When you get hired with a secure income you will be committed to report of your daily activity.

All training and materials will be given. This is a unique opportunity to work from home, be your own boss and report to us.

What we are looking for in a perfect candidate:

  • – You must be fluent in English and have good communication skills
  • – Outgoing, enthusiastic, self-motivated and reliable
  • – Previous customer service & sales experience an asset
  • Strong knowledge of construction and building industry is a plus
  • Ability to use spreadsheet and word processing and email
  • Strong customer service and being able to make a sale
  • Ability to build and maintain rapport with customers
  • Self Starter and Outgoing Attitude
  • Quick adaptability to Sales Processes
  • Strong work ethics

*All applicants must be 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and vehicle.

Feng shui in today’s Homes

Feng shui in today’s Homes

Chinese home buyers are made up a significant percentage of our buyers, and principles of feng shui have to be taken into account, everything from the orientation of the building to how the floors are numbered. A Chinese buyer will almost never buy a property numbered four, or on the fourth floor, whereas eight is lucky.

At its most extreme, feng shui can seem absurd to Westerners, of the so-called rules governing the positioning of furniture can take it “too literally”. But its basic premise really chimes with modern life. Many of us are looking for something akin to feng shui without knowing it.

kitchen designer surrey

Feng Shui in today’s homes

Clean and Open space

One of the basic principles is about a clean, open space. Essentially it means uncluttered living for an uncluttered life, which enhances your sense of well-being. We may not all call it ‘feng shui’, but that is increasingly what we aspire to. More and more of the properties coming to the market have been uncluttered in this way, with a sense of flow and balance, with everything tucked away so that there are no obstacles. It attracts buyers because quite simply, it makes life easier.

A house with good feng shui has a smooth, strong and clear energy flow to the front door – nothing should block the door or pathway. The entryway is the mouth of “chi” where all your opportunities come in. A yin/yang symbol to the left of the front door represents prosperity for the next generation.

Positive, meaningful energy is expressed in a clean space with fresh air and plenty of light. The house is “nourished” by fresh, clear and free-flowing energy: get rid of clutter, hard corners and obstacles, and keep surfaces clear.

A good feng shui house is “anchored” in its main energy centres – the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. The entry door and exit door never line up to avoid draft. Meaning the value of the energy in the house. (which is an environmental friendly concept)

Positioning of the house

Homes positioned at the end of a street are in a difficult location since all the chi energy will rush towards your home.

Feng Shui starts in the outdoor area leading up to your home. A curved driveway, for example, improves energy flow and directs energy and good fortune into your home. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any stairs directly behind the door, as these symbolize fortune escaping. Furthermore, a staircase behind the front door is not particularly inviting for guests or family members anyway.


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House and money

How to Finance your Renovations

How to Finance your Renovations

Everyday, as I drive the highway, I notice that over 90% of the vehicles on the road are 10 years or newer. That makes me wonder if all of these people own their vehicle or is the vehicle leased or financed?

The auto industry has made financing a vehicle that costs between $20,000 to $50,000 accessible and affordable. Many of us take on this expensive monthly payment for an ‘investment’ that does not count as an asset or, maybe we should say, a reliable asset.

If it is that easy to finance a car, some may wonder if it can be the same to finance a renovation project for their home.

The truth is financing a renovation project for a house or condo is not as difficult or out of reach as it may seem. A bank provides financing to purchase or lease a vehicle and then uses the vehicle as the collateral. The same would apply when someone needs to renovate his/her house or condo.

However, in the case of renovations, the banks use the value of your house in the current market as collateral and will offer homeowners anywhere from 60% to 75% of the value of the house or condo to set up a mortgage on your house.

Since most of the properties in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley have gained value within last decade, the chances of any property owner having enough un-used collateral that can be liquidated to finance a renovation is very high.

Having this option to finance your renovations, there is no need suffer and continue to live in a run-downed house or condo that could have moldy walls. You can update that old kitchen and the bathrooms. Talk to us and let us put you in touch with the right people to make the transition to a much nicer looking living space. If you deserve to drive a nice car, then don’t you deserve to live in nice looking house/condo as well?

There are a number of financing options to consider when it comes to paying for your home renovations. The CHMC (Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation) has a list that includes:

  • Savings or Credit Card

  • Personal Loan

  • Personal Line of Credit

  • Secured Line of Credit

  • Home Equity Loan

  • Mortgage Refinancing

  • Financing upon Home Purchase

  • Grant and Rebate options for Energy Efficiency

bathroom renovation surrey

financing bathroom renovation

At Myhomedesigner.com Ltd., we can help design your dream home, provide the blue prints and get an accurate estimate, from one or two professional contractors, that can be presented to the bank or private lender. This will give them a better picture of where and how the money will be spent as well as how the property owner can pay back the loan.

It is important to have a good understanding of how much the renovations will cost and if you are prepared to go over budget, by how much. What is your cut off number? This is where all the research and ‘home’ work really pays off.

When it is time to speak with a financial institution or talk to a Mortgage Broker to assess your financing needs and to see what options are available to you, we will help you do the research, get the quotes, and have the plans in hand.

We are here to help you live your dreams.

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