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Financing renovation project

Financing renovation project,

Financing renovation project aren’t as difficult as you might think.

When I drive along the highway, I don’t see many older cars like 50’s or 60’s, but when I check the landscape of the city I live in I see many older homes that badly are in need of a facelift. Homes that cost the homeowner every year to maintain or in their hydro bills.
I wonder why? Why people prefer drive a nicer car but they don’t pay much attention to their living room or kitchen. Isn’t that we spend more time in our homes rather than our vehicles?
Most of the homes in lower mainland increased in value, which means the have higher capital for mortgage. It means that mortgage companies are willing to offer you a higher mortgage . This is a good opportunity to take advantage of to improve your home and living space for better.

Contact us for an evaluation on how we can take your outdated home to a more energy efficient and comfortable one with minimum payment from your pocket by using the equity your home built up over the years.

Financing renovation project

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